Alquimia "sensitive" facial oil

I've been using this oil lately and I really like it. It's not greasy or shiny so I use it both morning and night, and it feels very natural, soothing, hydrating. It's made of purified essentials oils, much like the Olio Lusso.

My mom recommended me this brand, it's a 100% natural company called Alquimia, and they do facial and body products (they're very famous for their body sculptor). It's not cheap but everything is of exceptional quality, it has a really good rep. So if you're interested in natural products or oils, I do recommend you check it out. I'm a huge fan of oils for everything, I use them everywhere..for hair (moroccanoil), for body (Nuxe), nails (UKA), and for face (Elemis, Alquimia)

You can buy Alquimia directly from their website here