Jacket: Zara (tweed jacket options here) // Top: American Apparel // Jeans: Frame // Boots: Acne via My Wardrobe (black here) (order a size up) // Bag: Miu Miu

I've flown to Spain this week, it was a bit of an emergency landing because I got really sick with a stomach bug, and I much prefer to get treated here. If you're following me on MyFitnessPal, you'll see my diary has been totally weird lately and mostly banana-centric: that's why! Don't try to follow what I'm eating right now...

It was not entirely bad timing because I wanted to come to spend my birthday here (1st of June), it's been forever since I've celebrated it with family and friends : )

I wanted to show you a couple of things I've been into this week:

a) The Acne Alma boots: Found these in the preview sales (still available here) and they are the comfiest booties ever, I was really surprised, they took no time at all to break in. I love nude-colored shoes, they look very elegant with long dark jeans, and superb with shorts and skirts.

b) The Frame jeans: It's quickly becoming my favourite brand. I got these last week and they are the Le High Cropped style in Eton -  they are so practical, flattering and so classic. I love them with black leather. I feel like we've gone full circle with jeans, like with many things...The jeans that are the coolest right now are like the first designer jeans I got, the Earl Jeans back when Gisele was the new thing, which were kind of a skinny-straight style, neither jeggings nor denim, and pretty much exactly like these.