nov8 me

This is my Labyrinth coat- I have to confess- I have a soft spot for colored mongolian fur. This one was one of those finds...90% off or something stupid like that. I've worn it with a t shirt here because it's lovely here

nov8 quote

I'm so excited to have found this! Haven't read it yet but it looks very very interesting, it's a sort of journey through the making and the reasons/rituals/history behind the kamasutra.

nov8 bookoflove

Cinammon, rose, orange blossom, vanilla tea mmmmm

nov8 tea

Black kohl

nov9 face2

Black diamonds

nov9 rings

Alkaline juice (ginger, celery, apple, carrot- this is an AMAZING combo, so fresh). I'm having to re-asses everything I eat because it's not healthy and according to the doc, it's gonna cause me an I'm onto a non-acidic diet for a month at least. I've been banned from alcohol, chocolate, indian or spicy food...all my usual things basically.

nov9 zumo