mar28 gina dione2

I've been wanting a pair of metallic court shoes and voila, after trying all I could find I went back to Gina. I am extremely picky when it comes to shoes as you might have gathered by now, because I don't just want them to look good, I need them to fit a purpose. Fit my foot, fit my wardrobe, and fit my wallet.

mar28 gina dione metallic

Look they have rose gold soles!

mar28 gina dione3

Gina is without a doubt the best brand of shoes I own; their elegance and quality is bar none and when I need a shoe I can trust, I go to Gina. Their sizing is consistent, they're extremely durable, and the comfort is unparalleled for an evening shoe. They don't get bigger, they don't slip off, they don't start hurting in strange places, they don't break...they just DO THEIR JOB.

Peruse their catalog at your own risk; they are very pretty. PS- There's still online sales on their website...I got these at 65% off!

Some other good options. I'm liking metallics at the moment personally, and they go with everything. I really really need like the Dries van Noten pumps, and I've also included a selection of classics that I like from Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Miu Miu and LK Bennett; you can't go wrong with either, depending what you're into. If you have wider feet like me, you wanna avoid loubs and possibly Jimmy Choos.

This is what I wore tonight.

mar28 party outfit1

Zara shirt (similar), J brand Maria high rise jeans (here in black, here in mulberry) (the best jeans ever, my favourite)

You know what? I've given up "dressing up". I love dressing up as in wearing fun things, but I don't like "Getting ready" and I also don't like looking "done". My day/night look is pretty much the same, I'm happy adding a nice blazer, jewellery, makeup and cool shoes.

mar28 party outfit2mar28 party outfit4

Beautifully contoured cheeks courtesy of Kevyn Acoin sculpting powder. I LOVE THIS STUFF

Thought of the day:

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