night out2

night out3night out Armand Basi shirt (here's a wang), Siwy shorts, Nanni Belt, Ash heels, Sandal Shop bag. For jewels, labradorite necklace, and the usual Monica Vinader jizazz (similar pendant, bracelet)

We are still in Ibiza here, at Adventures of Barbarella, and I still have plenty of bikini material under my sleeve...but first, a night look. Ibiza nights are all very casual with a touch of sparkle, and I alternate shorts and a t shirt with the silk kaftans and white adlib dresscode.

I know what you're looking at, my belt is ravishing. It's from Nanni, and the quantity of swarovskis won me over immediately. I love it with Summer shorts like these. It's also quite rock n roll so it compliments my leather jackets nicely.

Got this little bag made by one of my favourite artesans, it's pretty much a classic flap, looks like the Chanel from a distance but is a lot simpler. The leather is amazing and I'm having a great time stroking it. Splendid for fetishists.

I regret not taking more pictures around town..the time will come. I wasn't feeling so inclined on this occasion. Honestly, save for those occasions where you plan it ahead with friends and it's part of the entertainment, a big-responsibility camera is the last thing you wanna have in one hand while you're juggling a glass of sangria in the other. We all know how big pint glasses are in comparison with my fingers. My readers will hopefully forgive me for the lack of grand location photos, I promise to make it up to you in Summer when I'll be going to the BEACH! Rocks are a vision to behold.

Hope you're all well. My new website design (which FYI looks NOTHING like what you're seeing right now, is looking swell :) xx