Jacketed: Yves Salomon garnet fur + Zara Sequined coat

DSC01875b Yves_salomon_jacket2

How glam is this? I saw it in black and loved it, then I saw it in garnet and it won me over completely when I tried it on. The contrast with the blonde is incredible.

I can't wait to go back to London and wear it over my boring black tops. Because we've established by now that all I like to wear on top is boring black shirts and sweaters. I do however love a cool jacket. A wardrobe consisting of 20 jackets and two tops would be ideal for me. Maybe 5 versace patterned blouses thrown in there...i'll stop.

Next up a glittery number



Some designers reject the term "jacket" in favour of "coat". I can see it; a jacket IS a coat. And this one in particular looks like a cute little coat, and fits wonderfully. It's fitted in the sleeves, and has the perfect amount of structure on the shoulders without being too "stage".

I love sequins but they snag, and you can't wear jackets over them. It makes so much more sense to put the sequin on the jacket. Again another color that does it for blondes, a midnight blue. Every jewel tone looks very pretty on fair girls, actually.

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