nov12 boots4

THE Wonder Booties. They are strangely magnetic in person, they are just so hot. If Billy "the kid" was a twenty something year old girl in 2012, he would wear these for his duels. This combo is the most comfortable which is the only reason I got the studs and not the stitched style or the stiletto heel...You can walk a few steps without holding onto strangers for dear life and everything.

Close-up for aaahs and ooohs

nov12 boots3

I'm wearing Marant Memphis booties, Chantal Thomass leggings, Ksubi shorts (I was PROMISED these were "long". Internet order. Revolve. Took a month and paid 30% in customs. Never. Again. Maybe again. I do like them a lot), Acne t shirt, and on top I had my Zadig black sweater as worn 100% of the time last Winter (planning to do a repeat on that) and I had my COS coat on top. It's not that cold today.

nov12 me

Now a moment to showcase my contorsionist skillz. Many people have posed with these boots. None of them this way.

nov12 legs

I love my makeup today; I'm wearing black Guerlain loose kohl inside my eyes, black mascara, and on lips YSL Rouge Le Orange which is sort of a neon orange. Thinking of you Holly ; )!

nov12 face

nov12 face6nov12 photos

Yes, i have neon orange on my teeth in all of the pictures. Go me.

I'm reading the story of Wu by Jonathan Clements this week, a historical book about the Chinese empress- it's really interesting! I recommend it, I don't know if it has been translated to English, mine is the Kindle version in Spanish. I love Empress' stories, from way back when I was five and obsessed with Sissi.


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