"THE BODY" Update.

nov17 bow It has taken me forever to give you an update on my exercise routines, I'm sorry. So much has changed in the past year, I've been adapting and trying all kinds of things.

I'm using "stock" pictures from Ibiza that I took in September (and then never got around writing this), because I can't think of a better location to display bikini bodies. I still look pretty much the same-ish, my body fluctuates a lot and this is as good of a reference point as any.


In the Summer I had a bit of an issue with food. Up until now I've always been trying to gain weight by eating a lot of crap, and now I don't need to do that anymore, and changing my mindset and my habits has been hard, and it's still a work in progress. I am currently keeping myself at 45kg ...I experimented with "letting go" which led me to 47kg, and I can tell you, it is not pretty. I don't get bigger in a nice way, I just throw my body out of balance and feel fatigued all the time. So you know, I'm doing all the usual good things like eating normal/well, and having small portions.

On the exercise front, as you know I have been doing the Tracy Anderson method for a while, which is in essence a variation of cardio Pilates/Yoga. I really like it, it's complete, it addresses all the concerns that we women have about our physique, it gives you a fantastic-looking body...That said a DVD is never sufficient as a programme, it's only as good as you perform it, and to perform it properly you need to know what you're doing. In my case, I've been around yoga all my life, I studied various exercise methods when I was younger for my spinal problems, I did a Pilates teaching course etc.. So you know, this didn't happen out of the blue, I'm really into anatomy and I'm very passionate about it, especially about correcting my problems. I know some people who wouldn't get any results from a DVD because they just don't know what they're doing and they don't have the determination. Either way it's good to visit a physio and a trainer regularly (which I do) so you are aware of your structural imbalances and you get into the right posture.

I found that combining all the DVDs I currently have (the Mat Method, Design Series, and Omnicentric) was the best thing for me. They are quite complementary, and I wouldn't advise doing just one of them. Sure they can get repetitive, but our body changes daily so in that sense, there's always something you need to do different. And you can play your own music over it once you know the deal. I use the time to listen to all the new music of the day in the radio.

I also started running and swimming a few times a week, which I really enjoy. And I have been doing that on and off, depending on how much time I have. Running I take moderately seriously, doing about 6k at a time. Swimming is more about floating around!

I joined a gym, particularly because I wanted to be able to swim and run indoors, in Winter. And I have been loving it. I've been on a yoga binge for the past month or so, I'm going almost every day, it's been a total transformation. Not so much on how I look, but on my posture, and on the way I feel, my whole body feels very relaxed and I have hardly any contractions around my neck area which used to be super tight. I combined that with deep tissue massages to really get rid of the muscular tension. My strength is incredible, I feel like Superman!

So yea, basically I'm mixing things up. I always wanted to do a big variety of things...My plan, once I get the yoga addiction under control, is to add some pilates to the mix as well (with machines) and continue with the running and swimming...My only problem is TIME, I don't really have the time to do more than one hour a day, especially taking into consideration the time it takes me to commute to the gym, which is never less than 40min all in all. So yea, we'll see how it goes, I'll keep you updated. I will go more into food and specific things as I get to them.

I'm thinking of starting a beginners yoga workshop in January too, because I have so much to learn and I want to get the foundation right before I advance. I never really got seriously into yoga, even though I've been doing it all my life (my aunt is a yoga teacher and I was raised into the spirituality and the practice), so the postures are very challenging to me. I've never done anything that required any strength, and even though Pilates/Tracy Anderson has definitely made me improve massively, this is a whole other level. It will be interesting to take some bikini pictures after a few months and see if yoga did anything to me, physically. My posture will be infinitely better, for sure.

What has everyone been doing, body-wise?

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