The black shirt



COS black t shirt. As you can see it is a little bit sheer but only with a professional flash. Thankfully, I haven't been papped since March.

Today I did a spin on my classic white t shirt/madeleine shorts combo. Still wearing the Proenza Schouler belt that you STILL can't see. Gosh, let me try to find a picture.

There we go:



I also took the opportunity (my grandma is here to help me with sewing. Sewing is not my forte. yet) to take in the shorts in at the sides, I took them in a bunch, they were getting so big. The belt makes them look right, otherwise they fall down to the hips. I hate that sizing is so inconsistent with jeans, I have size 24 siwy trousers that I can't even button up, they're so tight.

So yes, that's what I did today, I can't manage to get out of this- you'll see how quick I change up what I'm wearing when I get to London, 10 degrees and all. Until then...

Watch is Michael Kors, bag is Miss Dior and I'm wearing a burgundy YSL lipliner on my lips. Face just Creme de la Mer, which I'm testing out this week (and I LIKE)

I'm off to do my sister's nails.