the barbarella cocktail 1

Over the last few weeks I have perfected the true heroine drink. You will need:

- 1 martini glass - 1 large, ripe strawberry - 1 lime - Pink champagne (can be substituted by cassis syrup and Veuve Cliquot) - Morin vanilla syrup


1. Wipe the martini glass clean from last time 2. Pop in a strawberry 3. Pour the champagne 4. Add a teaspoon of vanilla syrup 6. Decorate with a wedge of lime. The lime is only for your olfatory pleasure, although I have been known to add a splash of lime in my adventurous moments 7. Sing happy birthday, take a silly picture and enjoy!

PS- You *could* add more syrup but the whole point of this drink is that it's healthy and doesn't cause hangovers, so you really want to avoid as much sugar as possible. An austere Barbarella with only pink champagne and a strawberry is also perfectly acceptable

the barbarella