The 54cm waist trousers: Herve Leger


As you might have heard, I have a really big issue with waists. Nothing is ever produced smaller than a 62cm (66 being the "average" for the smallest clothing size, in my experience. Which is crazy). Not good enough.

Well well look what I found. Female clothes with a female shape! A rarity. These pants are 55cm on the waist laid flat, though they do stretch of course, they have stretchy bandages in the corset area.  They also have enough space for my bottom! Incredible.

The moment you try clothes that have a good fit, you realise just how unflattering 99% of the clothes you own are. They become totally irrelevant. I have to keep reminding myself of this. I should never have to "think" about what I'm  trying on. When it's a wow, it's immediately obvious. Everything else is not worth the wardrobe space, period.

Having said this, it's a good idea to steer clear of things you could never in a million years afford- because well-fitting clothes are dangerously persuasive.



Aren't they wonderful! They make me look like a mermaid. (If there's one thing you always want to look like, like a mermaid is it)