I came home with these two shorts today and I'm still thinking about it, you gotta tell me what you think: may3-shorts

The first ones are these ripped bemuda- type shorts from J Brand, which I didn't like on the hanger, but they fit well, tight on the hips, and I think they could come really handy when I want something that covers my entire bottom, and with cute sandals and a tight t shirt. Obviously not with other baggy clothes, that's not cute. They're boyfriend shorts basically

may3jbrand bermudas

And the second...not that i need another pair of sexy shorts...but these were sooo sexy! I couldn't resist getting them. I thought they were cute cause I don't have anything tight and high-waisted like this, and it's really flattering on my body shape. But they are really short. You know it's one of those things where you're gonna have people honking at you constantly.

current sexy jeans

Any other recs on great shorts?? I would really like to try these on, but I can't find them in London, and I have no idea if they would cover my butt.