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OK so how do we like it?? I've been designing it for a while, organising things, making it simpler/easier/cleaner. I am still tweaking so let me know about anything that annoys you over the next few days, or any suggestions at all.

I know some people prefer to see all the posts extended...but I've been wanting to have them this way for ever. Because then you can see all the recent posts at once, and click on the ones you're interested in. I know I prefer it this way in blogs where there's a lot of variety, instead of having to scroll down through topics that don't interest me.

I also added tags, and this is still a work in progress, but from now on I'll tag everything so it's easier to navigate.

The photos are as big as I can make them without getting into trouble/incompatibilities.

This is me today. I am really surprised to see you.

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Surprised/terrified- it's a fine line.

New drink of choice: Green tea with a shot of vanilla syrup! It looks like pee but it tastes amazing, I promise. This one was jasmin. I prefer the straight green tea to be honest.

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Okay so makeup. This is what I'm doing and I really, really like it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua #30

Dior #2 amber Nude bronzing powder. Got this yesterday, it's amazing! It's quite rosy, it gives you a really healthy glow. Agree, right? I look really healthy. Just so you know, it hasn't been that healthy around here at all, I think I've gotten about 8 hours of sleep total this last week. First there were boys, then there were bugs, then I stayed in hotels....long story, no sleep.

Eyes are Burberry Almond, best all-over day smokey EVER. It's so simple and sexy.

Max Factor #2000 calorie in Brown. I ran out of this and was gonna try a Stila one they gave me in fashion week. Then I asked myself. Why would I do that? I'm just not promiscuous, at all. So I went to Boots and got another Max Factor instead.

LIPS: Ok this is important. Giorgio Armani lipliner #2. But most recently: Chanel Glossimer in Plaisir. This is my favourite gloss of all time. It is incredible. Just like Laser was...all the ones they've released without shimmer. Chanel must continue this good habit. MORE Chanel, MORE. Do it again, go further, release a collection of this kind of shades. Just do it.

But the question remains..what was I wearing? I'll satiate the reader's inquisitive gaze

isabel marant shorts
Underwear: Agent Provocateur Francoise, DUH (how do you say duh in french? i need to know).
Top: Tank from American Apparel (similar)
Shorts: Isabel Marant. I get stopped by people asking about these. I wouldn't think they are a massive attention-grabber, but I do really like them. (similar)
Shoes: My Barbarella Converse. I've gotten into converse since I got these! I actually really enjoy them.
Bag from the Sandal Shop ibiza


Diana was a pro. They found 400k under the duvet, she didn't bat an eyelid, she was like, what? They took away the proof and she went shopping like nothing ever happened