I'm keeping my makeup ultra-basic lately and I love it

I always like having some color on my lips, I've been obsessed with NARS Pigalle which leaves a darkish natural stain. For a brighter color, I love the poppy red of YSL Kiss & Blush in Red. Both quite beach-friendly because they don't melt.

Garnier BB Cream has been a staple of mine for years, and it's reformulated now so even a bit better. I wouldn't wear this in lieu of my regular foundation to be honest, but it's a great one for the beach because it washes off neatly when you get wet so you can just reapply like a sunscreen.

My lashes are transparent so I wear mascara pretty much everywhere, I'm currently using Make Up Forever Smoky Lash . I don't like waterproof mascara because I hate feeling dirty or sticky, I'd rather wear something that will wash off and just reapply after.

Giorgio Armani bronzer has been a new discovery of mine and i absolutely love it for a really great glow, for dinner. I don't bother with it during the day. It's so smooth and natural, I even use it as eye shadow.

On my body after the shower I always apply some sort of oil to soothe the skin and make it glossy, usually either Polysianes or Hei Poa