sep15 night2

I have eaten a pizza for dinner. A PIZZA. Anyone who knows me will understand just what sort of emergency situation we're talking about.

I did have an organic tea from Whole Foods also.

I am not taking off this smokey quartz necklace, ever. Never EVER. Oh please don't make me sing that tune it's horrific.

sep15 black First I went here, and my heart went BOOM

sep15 studio More on that later.

Then I changed into this Alexander Wang sack of potatoes dress.

sep15 day

(I had time in between to pick up a red lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure in PIRATE. For obvious reasons)

sep15 day2

I think there's something inherently stupid cool about wearing designer things that look like crap so understated. I like this as a day dress, not so much as a night dress...wore this to Box the other day and honestly, i couldn't even poledance properly in it. Even Taylor was doing the tree better than me.


Well good job there mate

VIP WAITER MANAGER (held onto the pole like a monkey)
I'm practicing

Today, in this dress, I went to the OneAldwych suite where we had lots of really nice stuff like massages and nail polishes, and I bumped into Agnes who used to be my beautician when I first came to London, she was doing nails, she is the best.

UGG was there of course. They have really upped their game, I took a pic of my favourites.

sep15 ugglondon sep15 ugg3 To take home I chose these electric blue badass classic short boots. They are such a cheerful color! I like my classic shorts, they always come handy in Winter, I've destroyed my black ones.

sep15 ugg Then after drinks, I went back to the Somerset House where I FINALLY picked up my badge (I just love walking around with a badge that says ADVENTURES OF BARBARELLA, I feel like a heroine from a comic book- Well, I am) and I briefly visited the exhibitions, Lola Rose had some really cool stuff. I am eyeing these rings.

sep15 lolarose

DO NOT touch my musicians


Hey, I wasn't touching

Diana and I have formed a band