jul31-portrait All Saints tank top (similar) (similar long sleeve), Isabel Marant belt (similar), Isabel Marant denim skirt (love this Tibi), custom mules, Sandal Shop bag

For dinner at Giardinetto I wore my denim mini with my favourite studded belt and this tank. Giardinetto is a great Italian at the Marina next to the yatchs, if you go I recommend looking at the "specials", they have excellent rigattoni, carpaccio, fresh salads and arrabiata/carbonara pasta.

jul31 close up

On my face I am wearing the thinnest layer of Giorgio Armani maestro fusion foundation #4 and it looks incredible! It doesn't cover the sun glow, it just blurs it all a little. I didn't powder or add any other blush, bronzer,'s just a bit of chanel brown eyeshadow/brow/mascara, the foundation and a juicy tube lipgloss.

jul31 full body