dec19 pucci hat3

dec19 pucci hat2dec19 pucci hat7

Today I decided I was gonna wear my emerald green fedora... I have been so completely obsessed with this, ever since I saw Pucci and Gucci last year on the catwalk. It is the PERFECT green. This one is by Emilio Pucci.

dec19 pucci hat

Nothing beats the mystery and sophistication of the fedora. So 1930s gangster.

dec20 emilio pucci green fedora

dec20 pucci hat8

1978, the new 30s...God I really wanna watch this now. How come I don't have this in my B.Wilder collection? Has anyone seen it?

dec20 fedora billy wilderdec20 billy wilder fedoradec20 fedora billy wilder2


dec20 drummer

And now...banana oatmeal pancakes for everybody!

dec20 pancake

I'm trying to mix up my breakfasts, this hardly has any sugar at all so it's great, just a teaspoon of brown muscovado sugar. Eggs, oatmeal flour, oats...honey, BANANAS, a sprinkle of nutmeg. Very christmassy I think. It was delicious.

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