So excited for spring. Colour!, patterns, bell bottom jeans

I got a little over-excited when I saw how warm and sunny it was outside and I grabbed all the colourful things I found within reach..I've been tidying up my wardrobe "stock" ('bout time) - basically the boxes of clothes that I have upstairs cause they don't fit anywhere. And I found this pretty blue blouse, so I put that on. And I slipped into my light blue flared jeans. Has to be clogs with flared jeans so there we go. Grabbed the pink bag. And a missoni scarf, cause I might aswell. Mink coat- can't go without the mink coat.


Maje blouse, Jbrand lovestory (few seasons ago), Topshop clogs, Miu Miu bag, Linda Farrow sunglasses, missoni scarf


Needless to say, I didn't get asked out by randoms today. I don't know why, but these kind of outfits don't make men approach you in the middle of the street. I guess I don't look very approachable with all the silk and fur and flair going on. But I love silk and fur and flair.

EDIT: Oh i had an iced chai tea latte today. It is very important that i mention that, because that is my default summer drink. Summer!!!!!!!