apr7 stars

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I'm still feeling pretty sick from my cold but I thought I should go out, watch a movie and stick some stars on my forehead.

apr7 crop justme

I love my all-leopard print suit! I've gone snow-leopard-crazy.

I damaged the heel of my foot badly three days ago when jumping on the metal door stopper of my bathroom (not on purpose) so I'm having to be hopping around on one foot. That has been interesting, to watch people's reactions to my temporary disability. My friend Dimitri joined me in the fun and I had some serious laugh attacks seeing us both hop around Soho!

Perfectly good backdrop to take a picture uh? It was so dark, you couldn't actually see what it was in real life!

Anyway..I'm not even on medication OR drinking so I should really start behaving like the sober girl I am.


apr7 street These Kirkwood shoes are still the ones I most recommend if you wanna be walking all night AND look cool, like you can literally be on them all night and never get tired cause they have hardly any incline. Linking to them below (they make different colours every season but the shape is the same; they are so worth it.)


You guys might have noticed I'm hopping on one foot; that is because I wacked my heel the other day and I still can't walk on it

Yea. I was gonna ask ..."Diana, why are you not using your left foot?"

Right. Now you know