Snake Skull


What better way to ring in the New Year than with THIS

I have to admit, i saw this Roberto Cavalli piece months ago during a weekly trip to Harrods and I was sold. Invariably, my visits to Harrods include a stroll through the Jewellery room- the fact that I have to walk through it to get to the socks room doesn't help. I am in need of socks constantly.

Sad face though, because when I saw the price it was somewhat ridiculous.

But you know me and skulls and snakes, it didn't go straight out of my head

So when I went back yesterday, casually peeked through the glass and there it was! In all its splendor 60% off! Made total sense there and then.

I love it, it's gothic and extravagant. Rings this can't look for them, you gotta take it when it comes.



EDIT: And lo and behond...the shade that I chose for my friend Trish: