Sleeping Beauty


I am feeling so awful today. This might be the result of the five day diet of champagne and nibbles, or it might just be a regular strep throat because the weather is kind of changing.

Today as we were leaving to go to the ballet it started raining, cabs companies suddenly were over capacity, and we ended up stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.When we arrived, two minutes late after being completely rained on (i had given myself one and a half hours to go from kensington to covent garden. Enough, you'd think! noope), we had the chance to go straight to the canapes room (former rehearsal room) which is absolutely breathtaking. With all the waiters working there it looked like the willy wonka factory.




Anyway, the ballet was exquisite, I had an amazing time. The set, the music, the costumes...everything was perfect. it's an absurdity that people don't do this more often. Just on a night out you'd probably spend the ticket price if you're buying your own drinks.

And my outfit: What was more appropiate that this medieval-inspired kate moss dress and my lulu guinness castle?? 





 have a lovely weekend everyone..i'm already on my little bit of friday

EDIT: Forgot to post what's in my castle ...

It actually can pack a punch...gum, little mirror, phone, cardholder, lipstick, hair pins, keys.