nov3 mary

nov3 candy

It was a black & silver party tonight so I decided to wear my metallic Herve Leger (similar here and here on sale) with my black Vionnet boots. (similar here)

nov3 dress

The hair is disastrous, partly because I had come straight from yoga, and partly because the weather is a hurricane-drizzly-horror right now.

nov3 taxi3nov3 taxi4nov3 taxi

From Momo's we headed to the Heron Tower for some much-needed duck & waffle...this is one of my favourite places..It was way busier than last time when we decided to show up at 3am on a Tuesday.

nov3 ticketsnov3 lightsnov3 duck2nov3 duck


- I start the day on lemon juice with hot water, it's very detoxifying I then take my vitamin supplements

- I have a bowl of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries. All full of antioxidants and vitamin c

- I go to lunch and order a salad. I eat part of the salad, and all of the bread & butter

- I have a mince pie

- I skip dinner because I don't want to eat too much

- I go out and I decide I'll just have one drink, or maybe not even one at all! I take some coconut water with me to avoid temptation.

- I get to the party. I'm offered a glass of white wine. I accept

- I find halloween candy at a table. I eat the cadbury chocolate and pick up a candy bracelet

- I'm offered a glass of prosecco. I decline. I am not drinking tonight

- I'm offered a glass of white wine. I accept

- Next party. I'm offered whisky, I decline. I said I am not drinking tonight. Or eating.

- We go to Duck & Waffle for a midnight snack. I order the duck and the waffle. I eat everything.

- I order punch

- I get home

- I have a truffle

- I have a little crispy bread with peanut butter. I put away the peanut butter and the bread

- I take out the peanut butter. I have a little crispy bread. I put it away

Repeat x 3

- I go to bed.

- I wake up. I have some lemon with hot water