oct13 red

Hello everybody

I am currently with flu watching Sleepless in Seattle, so nothing really exciting happening here. I love feel-good Meg Ryan movies from the 90s, they make me so happy. They are so kind and sincere..nowadays it's all crap and pretension and everybody looks the same.

But anyway I have this photo from the other day when I went to the market, and I wanted to share because I love all of what I'm wearing, it's so simple, easy, comfortable. The fabulous suede boots are the Elf, by Stuart Weitzman. They are great, Lanvin has done some similar ones this season, that I'm linking to below. I love these for wearing with short skirts /dresses/ shorts in Winter.

The oversized chunky knit sweater that could be a dress on me is by Unique (Topshop), and it's made me realise I gotta go check out their stuff more often, the quality is really nice. They use a lot of natural fibers - this one is all cotton. Very nice cotton, similar to the one you come across in Ralph Lauren. Hidden underneath the knit tent are my Lola leather shorts from Jbrand (size 24), and a cashmere tank top from 2nd Day. My bag looks starved. I love it, I love an empty bag.

I was wearing my military jacket on top.