oct22 clothes2

I've been craving black beans since Saturday. Mexican, anyone?? How are there no good mexican delivery places for NW1? Are we all supposed to be in Shoreditch now? Not complaining, I wouldn't mind some Pizza East right now. Gutted I missed sushi lunch the other day.


So what's happening today? I decided that I was not going to blow dry my hair any longer (I know. Breaking news  in this side of the Atlantic). And hey it doesn't look half as bad as I though.

I'm wearing my new favourite jeans, the Jbrand Zoey with the zippers in a 23, black, simple, standard, and my leather Converse because it's raining. They're my go-to shoe here when the weather is shit, bonus is that they're probably the most comfortable too.

A Sandro cotton knit. How was I not informed that you could wear cotton knits in Fall? Wool is so overrated. A t shirt underneath, i think a basic one from COS. And my Kooples coat. I like this blue on me, I've been really enjoying mixing and matching muted or dark colours, so it's not black but it's equally neutral.

My face is minimal. That's Rimmel Kate Moss 003 lipstick, I love it, it reminds me of Honeylove. I saw it on Lisa Eldrige's youtube video and I love it. I love her. I love Charlotte Tilbury too...Gosh, I'm so glad for having those women around, they really help you to think out of the box.

oct22 face