ariel wildfoxWildfox "Ariel" tank

And the Sirène collection makes its debut.

I came across Wildfox's Summer lookbook back in February, and I have since been patiently waiting pouncing on the sales assistants from all over the world trying to find out when the items would get released. This is only the first of a happy series, I fully intend to get at least a couple of things, and the shell shirt had to happen. The color is beautiful with a tan, and the fabric is light and works beautifully with the cut of the tee. I'm not even a t shirt person but these are something else.

Summer is so much easier to dress, you could argue it's because of the layers, but also because- and this might sound like an odd remark- everything looks better next to skin. The simplest things are immediately flattering and interesting. It's the reason why fashion photography is mostly minimal clothes over naked bodies, there's no other way. You can use a lot more colour and a lot more print, and generally have more freedom, when you have some exposed skin to work with; skin simplifies and balances things out.

As you can tell I'm back in London, and not massively content about it! Planning, planning...