nov14 isabel marant memphis boots

I had a haircut..she didn't take off nearly enough but it's a lot more healthy. It just grows and grows, it's really hard to keep any shape. We did the fringe a bit shorter! I like it.

So today I'm wearing all my favourites...the COS pencil coat, j brand Zoey jeans, Marant booties, Zadig sweater and a COS basic t shirt underneath, Chanel bag. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather remains mild this Winter, I love little wool coats and gentle layering. None of that bulky coat and long-sleeved wool undergarments business. If I wish to wear fur, i can very much still do so over a simple t shirt.

These boots are architectonically perfect, it is just such a pleasure to wear them. No platform though so they feel like 9cm louboutin pumps, which is- not for walking. I was only popping out to a meeting so it was fine. I wouldn't wanna wear these walking up and down the stairs in the tube or going to the supermarket. They're in the cocktail shoes category for me.

I confess...I had a moccaccino at Le Pain...ugh it was soo good. Other than that, today I've had:

- Kellogs K cereals and milk

- A smoothie (I GOT MY BLENDER YAY) with carrots, apple, ginger and celery which was very nice but I need to go easy on the ginger, it's so strong.

- Pasta with steamed broccoli which was actually amazing. Yes I did put butter on it

- A salad with cucumber, lettuce, a boiled egg, celery and dry figs, a pinch of salt and a tiny bit of virgin olive oil.

Now I'm gonna have some pinneapple.

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I love wearing this eyeshadow, the silvery one from the Chanel cream mousse pots (Epatante possibly?). Black mascara, NARS grey eyeliner in the inside rim. I wish Guerlain made a loose kohl grey eyeliner, grey eyeliner is the best. I wonder when that trend will explode. Soon, I tell ya.

I'm revisiting Harmony blush that I'm using around my cheekbones. I haven't worn Harmony since I was 19...It's really a great colour, rosy but not too much. Twig on lips. The last picture is the most true-to-color.

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