Has everyone come across this article titled "Sex and Aural Energy" recently? (link!) It's making the rounds on Facebook. It's not the first time I read about it but I wanted to bring it up here because it's a subject very close to my heart. The article basically goes on about how during sex, you are connected to the other person and exchanging your spiritual energy with them. I do believe this.

I quote from my own Twitter (and subsequently I will expand)


I'm all for having mindless sex for fun and all that - in theory - but it never worked for me in practice. In practice, the people I wanna have sex with are the ones that I have a deeper spiritual and intellectual connection with, and those are the romantic encounters I most care for. They are usually people who grab me by my heart, and have deep conversations with me. They are people whose soul I know and trust and whose minds I admire. I don't get any satisfaction from sex without that connection, I feel like it's stealing something away from me even, I feel really violated, and I couldn't explain why because it's not that I think I'm better than the man, or more "worth it" in any way,  but that's how I feel.

You hear this all the time, in religious communities especially, talking about sex as "giving something", and then about "that loss of something" and I always thought, wow, that's so big-headed and prudish, and just dated and not modern, I'm all for having sex with anyone all the time...But you know what? There is a truth to that, and I do believe now, that what's being "stolen" is energy. And it doesn't have to be stolen, if you're with the right person. The right person doesn't need to be your boyfriend, I'm not even advocating you need to get to get to know him, but it has to be a person that you're energetically close to. I think there is a very real life force that you are connecting to during intercourse, and that you lose if you are with someone that's somehow not on your wavelength.

It makes sense that this would be true, because there are so many instances of people trying to "get" energy from sex, the most common example, the emperor who has sex with multiple young virgins hoping it will keep him young forever. It's a way of feeding from people. And do I really wanna be the person someone is feeding from? I really don't.

I call myself Barbarella but I'm the first one to admit that I'd rather be home alone talking to myself, than having sex with a guy I don't care about, which is at best a source of self-esteem, and at worst a chore. Besides, I've met enough exceptional guys to know that life-enhancing sex is possible, and you don't even have to find your soul mate to get it, it just has to be right.

Needless to say, this is all my perspective, different people have different realities, and what's valid for me might not be real to you at all. I have friends who don't feel like this exchange is happening, and I'm actually quite jealous of it, of that detachment between the physical and the emotional. Also, (to be investigated) I would assume this goes both ways, but I haven't found a guy that felt violated after sex? (yet).

What do you guys/girls think?