hermes scarf1

Today I came across a beautiful bow knot, there's a tutorial here, it's super easy! You need one of those Hermes thingies though, which I have. Scarves are one of my favourite things. The orange Hermes with indian motives is one of my favourite pieces out of my entire fashion collection.

This Liberty scarf is also gorgeous, it's the tree of life. The knot works better on stiffer silk scarves I've found.

liberty scarf1 And here I have removed the bow part, just keeping a basic knot. and messing it up a bit. Which I really like.

liberty scarf2


(on meeting the perfect guy - continued from the equally engaging conversation "I want your babies")

Why does it have to be on the street? I like meeting people through friends

NENA (mental 12 year old cousin)
But your friends are all cokeheads! And who knows? you might be walking down the street some day, and you spill your coffee on a a guy. And he says "can i get you another coffee?" and he's amazing and so handsome. You never know. One might just be the perfect one! You should spill your coffee on every guy, and then eventually you'll find the perfect one. And you'll say "YES you're the one!" and he'll be like, "what?" but you just grab him, take him home anyway. Or you can be a loser and find him on a dating site.

I don't like dating sites

Exactly, that's why you need to find him on the street