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@ Shutters on the beach. These little birds are everywhere!

santa monica4 Gorgeous Shutters

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I chose the worst day for Santa Monica, it was intensely windy and cloudy...It was an amazing sunny day in West Hollywood (and I actually went back later to we-ho and it was all good there. How can the climate change so much in different areas??)

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Check out that guy. This giant playground was soo cool, I love it. It was damn near impossible to find a free seat on the swings

santa monica10 my headscarves

melrose avenue car

Having a healthy waffle at Le Pain..I love this combo, organic green tea (iced) with honey, and the waffle with berries. Mmmm. The blackberries you guys have here are beyond amazing, I've never seen or tasted anything like it. They're just incredible, and I will miss them

melrose avenue painsanta monica5 Shells from the beach! Aren't they amazing?? I wanted one so badly but it seems like the worst thing to travel with.

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This was when I arrived at night from The Grove after I had been all over the place... The Wildfox sweatshirt I actually got at Kitson (looooove it! Shine on you crazy diamond) It's perfect as a cover-up over here - I now see why they're called beach jumpers. But I think it will look just as good in London under a jacket.

diamond wildfox1diamond wildfox2

Wearing: Tkees flip flops, Chanel bag, Siwy shorts, James Perse tank top, Wildfox sweatshirt