"SAD" clip

While I was in Ibiza I wanted to do a little clip for my song "Sad". This is a song that I am rehearsing with a fantastic guitarist and will record as a single soon, but for now I decided to use the very first recorded version I have of it, recorded on my iphone the day I wrote it. These first versions always have a sort of magic that you can never achieve again. I'm gonna try my hardest to keep this vibe though, I'm having several rehearsals/ meetings about this with my producer, my guitarist and the full band before I even go into the studio, which is why it's taking for e ver

I wanted the visuals to be quite strong and a little odd/surreal. Obviously, the song is not about being sad, it's about being yourself, and therefore is a happy song. But it's also not conformist and I want the visuals to express that.


You asked why I'm sad
It's the only thing I've ever had
This sadness inside
Is the only thing that's ever mine
I'll write you a song
There's many things you didn't know
And I couldn't say
It's the only thing I've never lost

Life is an action shot of you and I
That's all there is to note of you and I
It's a long way to hell
I've been learning to be smart
Cause I love love myself
but you aint never coming back

I'm just watching behind your car
The moving image of you and I
And it breaks my heart
To see the girl. She looks so sad


Tempestuous affair, volume II
I picked my favourite weapon, it was you
And when you do your best
I'm played as dextrously as I deserve
It's a long road to hell
We always chose relief over regret

And it's a fade to black
See you later, it's a wrap
You caught a cowgirl that had never been caught
you caught a cowgirl that was sad