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I went down to Apartment 58 to support my friends, (and of course to see Morcheeba)...They approached me to play in the festival but since I am nowhere near finished with rehearsals, I sent my friends' band instead. They loved them and my friends were happy with the deal, so win/win. Morcheeba was amazing, I really enjoy small intimate shows like these, I was right in front of her! It wasn't even crowded at all. The acoustics were very good too and her performance fantastic. Her son was on the cajon and then they had bass and keyboard, and of course a running track with backing vocals. It's very interesting the way people adapt their shows for live, it's not an easy task at all.

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My skirt is out of this world, it's a Rick Owens torn silk idea that fits like a dream; here are some better pics:

Top and skirt by Rick Owens (both on sale here and here)

sep27 rick owens skirtsep27 rick owens2sep27 rickowens skirt2

Owens is slowly earning my respect. Other than the leather jackets which I've always admired, I used to think it was mostly overpriced rags for rich kids but not at all, the cuts are incredible, it all looks very grunge and unfinished from the outside but there is actually a lot of thought behind these pieces. You can feel it when you put it on that it falls right, it's structured to your body. There is a surprising amount of structure in these rounded designs!