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It's amazing how well this foundation looks in pictures (NARS tinted moisturizer)...I mean, if I saw that girl I would think she has fucking amazing skin.

Always so much fun to be had at the Rewardstyle parties. I don't have many decent pics (if you guys have me in any, let me know). I was so happy that so many people knew me or remembered me : )! I wish I had been carrying cards, God I am so forgetful. It was a real pleasure to see the team and meet some other people that I hadn't met before, you were all wonderful. Thank you Elisa, Baxter, Amber, missed you Mary, awesome to meet you Marlene, Steph, Ollie, Robin, Alex and Jeremy, Will, Justin, I'm sorry we ended up in that hole : )


I'm wearing J Brand jeans, Theory silk black shirt, Carven wool jacket, Nicholas Kirkwood heels, Lanvin bag.

These Theory blouses are a lifesaver, they're all I ever wear at night. I got them sleeveless, with sleeves...all kinds of colours. And these shoes are SO comfortable. Check out some below:

Black diamond choker and Raybans which came off as soon as I got to the place but I just reaaaally wanted to wear them.

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It's a funny story re: the lanvin bag. You haven't seen it before, I only just decided to wear it. I got it along with the brown one; They actually sent me the brown one by mistake, I had chosen this one. But then I really liked the brown one so I wore it and I couldn't return it. And I still got sent this one a week after. So I had this one in storage thinking I would just sell it when I need to. But I just love it so much and this style has proved to be one of my favourites, I thought what the hell. It's one of the most beautiful collectible bags ever, and ebay nowadays is a PITA.

First world problems.

This was the party

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Of course I ended up in the basement, don't ask. This IS Adventures of Barbarella after all.

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