On Thursday I went for a check-up with a new endocrinologist. I had been wanting to go to her for a while, I find their guidance to be one of the most useful because they look at the health of your body by studying how your metabolism is working and processing what you eat etc., rather than giving you generic parameters.


Anyway, I was particularly interested in talking diet with her, because I want to set good habits that are specifically beneficial to myself, and I wanted to know her opinion on what works for me and what won't. I like to think of a healthy diet in positive terms, as "eating things that your body recognises as nourishment and knows how to digest efficiently" rather than "limiting the consumption of this and that". Her explanation made a lot of sense, I see this as a reset, and I can progress from here without making it overly restrictive.

As usual the challenge is that restaurants/cafes/supermarkets don't offer very many whole food options, and socially it's still awkward to hang out and be the odd one out at the table who orders water with cucumber slices instead of a soda, often being told that no, that's not "normal". Sugar with bubbles, that's not normal. I dream of a day that they'll serve fresh mint tea everywhere as nonchalantly as they serve beer! Hopefully soon.