Here's a snippet from the other day in the studio. I'm calling this a rehearsal although it's more of an arrangement session, I was putting together the drums for the songs on the EP. I'm putting each instrument in separately so I can focus on one sound before merging it into the other, cause we're combining different tempos and time signatures and it gets a little complicated. It's sounding really good! I called up this drummer that I've worked with before, he's really easy to communicate with, and really awesome.

I was having a conversation with my guitarist the other day about the progress that you make as an artist, and this applies to most creative jobs- how you gotta be able to do all the complicated stuff in order to understand how things work, but then you learn to strip it down, and in the end you learn to do it in such a way that it's so seamless, it almost looks like you did nothing at all. It looks so easy from the outside, and that's what's so beautiful. Like a ballerina, a good ballerina doesn't show any effort, she selects the few moves that cause an impact but not a stirr, and she appears to be just floating around. I think that's the ultimate step in the evolution of the artist, and I spend so much time looking for ways to simplify the composition, to have each sound exactly where it's meant to be so that you cannot hear it, so that it just creates gorgeous colours.