feb17 red bra agent provocateur

I was casually strolling through Agent Provocateur the other day as you do, and came across this really great red satin outfit!

I immediately bought it posted it on instagram which caused everyone to say "GET IT" get really confused and ignore my picture. Not even via HASHTAG BRA did I get any moral support.

But I got it anyway, and here it is and i am showing you because it's always good to remember to wear red lingerie every now and then, it makes every day amazing. You girls gotta admit, we are very fortunate to have boobs. Imagine having a dick dangling from your leg! Not good. Unless of course you're a guy.

I'm gonna end this conversation on that note.

You can find the outfit here although mine is the all-red version which I bought in Selfridges but can't find online.

My nailpolish is Chanel Particuliere and ring is a black sapphire on silver.