I had a lovely meeting today, I thought I would wear my red jacket. It really is the perfect crimson. It's by The Kooples, as is the silk top I'm wearing underneath. The grey jeans are a new favourite by J brand; perfect grunge grey for my shades-of-black moments. They are the J Brand Maria in Dare.

Sandals I was just trying them on at home, I just got them in the post, got them on the sale- Nicholas Kirkwood. So worth it, they're just exquisite, I am always in need of comfortable heels because I do so much partying walking at night.

nov28 red2nov28 red6nov28 red5nov28 kirkwood2

Knock yourself out- I've linked a very very similar jacket from Theory, some Kirkwood shoes in the same exact shape but with more going on, in black, a bag I love from Mulberry, and my J Brand jeans. If you're looking for a dark grey jean you NEED these.

Now FOOD. Sorry I haven't been very diligent in updating. I am not limiting myself to raw celery anymore- that was unrealistic. I'm just eating well and learning to cook properly. I made a really nice mushroom/asparagus risotto tonight- who knew I could do that...? I have not eaten meat and I don't miss it at all.

nov28 risotto

I'm having smoothies as snacks and also for dessert, I am really enjoying them, I actually look forward to them. Still learning recipes. This one below was with mango, ginger, melon, yoghurt, honey. I also make one that my friend R told me about and I really really like which has a banana, frozen berries, yoghurt and the juice of one lemon. And if I'm feeling frisky I add cinnamon. Please share your favourites and I'll try them! I wanna get a juicer eventually, cause it's hard to put apple or carrot for example into smoothies, the consistency turns out really unpleasant.

nov28 smoothie

For sweet treats...well, I'm not supposed to be having any refined sugars, BUT I do eat brown rye bread with fig conserve. It's yummy.

Still no alcohol

And I haven't lost any weight thanks God.