I went to record two acoustics at an analogue studio today- that is, on tape. It was completely old school and it was so exciting. It's strange not to have any computers, and all that wiring that comes with it. Instead I had my very own tape, rolling. It has its pros and cons but it's a very interesting and unique experience to say the least. And I did some good takes so that's great, we were pleased.  I don't know if these are final songs or what, I'll probably publish it somewhere..More than anything, what I'm doing at the moment allows me to listen to things properly and decide where I wanna go from there.

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This is "the line"! I was so disheartened when my engineer was gotta stand well away from the mic. I feel so exposed, I'm used to having the mic on my face, or at the very least the foam shield. This is a vintage mic, they still use these nowadays but it was very popular in the 50s and early 60s. I felt so Nancy Sinatra with my tube warmth and my analog reverb. DYING to record a cover of Marilyn Monroe here!


dec17 gizzard15

Cardigan: Vince (in solid black here, here), Top: All Saints (similar and here), Leggings: Helmut Lang (on sale here!) (I also love these ones from Vince), Shoes: Muks (UGG has some great options in sheepskin aswell). My necklace is Marant (similar here and here)

I love this Vince open sweater, it's the softest, thickest wool/sild blend, it's amazing, such a perfect basic.