I am a little hangover. I'm having a blueberry banana's pretty good. We're planning sushi for next week because we would very much like some sake. Saturday is gonna be one of the busiest days ever. dec9 leather pants

I've been wearing these Alexander Wang pants pretty much every day. They are the best. My t shirt is from Urban Outfitters, Lanvin bag, Prada boots. Lots of sweaters, jackets, coats on top. Nowadays I require at least 4 hangers in the cloak rooms.

Did I mention we had the most exquisite Hierbas de Ibiza shots yesterday?

dec9 alexander wang leather trousers

I cut my fringe blunt, I've been experimenting with it and I like it: I went straight in with the scissors and cut straight across! how brave am I! I like it.

dec9 fringe

Lip-biting pictures look better in I-D magazine. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I feel like I can't fit my damn lip in my mouth, is it supposed to?

This is really disturbing.

I like wearing my Chanel earrings when I dress grunge

And NOW. I made A GIF!!! Exciting times.

dec9 animation2

My love for Giorgio Armani #400 red bullet continues

dec9 animation4

That's as much as I'd like to disclose today.


Say hi to my friend, he's getting married tomorrow, you'll amuse him...see how he has the mask with the biggest nose?

Hello. I've heard you're the man with the biggest nose

Not just the biggest nose