may6 panoramic2 Oh it's Primrose Hill time : ) ! Happy days

may6 legs

I've been loving this coat, I've worn it every day

may6 stuff

The magic music cup (greatly amplifies the volume of music!)

may6 primrose

The view is amazing from this hill, and it's so close to my house, it's so great to live here.

may6 primrose2may6 sun3

Violet babybel?

may6 babybelmay6 babybel2

It was such a great day!

OK so today I couldn't stop myself; I wore my new Current/Elliott shorts even though I knew that there was a high risk they would rise up during the day. And indeed it happened, they are shorter than they appeared at first.

This is the thing about shorts with me. They are super cute from the front

may6 shortsBut then you turn around, and this happens.


may6 shorts2


may6 shorts4

HASHTAG Problem.

So I'm walking around, pulling it down as it rides up....Cause I'm ok with my body and everything but that's not a view you wanna impose on people. I still think they're super sexy and they fit SO, SO well, they will be perfect for someone whos butt doesn't extend across half her body. For me, well for one my boyfriend LOVES it, and it's cool for Ibiza and the park with fishnets, but it's one of those things- you gotta be aware of what's going on behind you. You can't just put it on and forget about it, you gotta keep an eye on it.


(at the park)

You know. I found another spider on my bedroom floor yesterday evening, so I cleaned everything, put out the boxes, sprayed everything with lemon...I couldn't sleep, I was hallucinating, I was jumping and seeing spiders. If I shake, it's spider- reflex

haha! you're insane

So disgusting. It's ridiculous you know because, I'm not one of those girls who are scared of spiders.  I'm not scared of spiders.

It certainly sounds like you are

Thought of the day:


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