Visiting the pharmacies in Ibiza is one of the experiences I most look forward to. It makes me so happy, they stock a beautiful arrangement of products from all over the world, a lot of exquisite french skincare brands, and I have a blast going through them and picking my favourites.

This sunny bottle (right) will set you back 14 euros, and should you decide to indulge in the pleasure, this is the most amazing sun protection dry oil. It smells delicately of monoi, gives a brilliant glisten to the skin, is a dream to apply because the mist is so fine, and doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all. It seems silly to spend any money when you're in the sun not looking your best and probably not many people are gonna see you, but it really makes a huge difference on my holiday, when I have luxurious products on hand that make me feel special.

The perfect companion to this sun protection is the Monoi oil, of which I speak every year (or every 6 months? You tell me. It's worth it) and that finishes off the skin perfectly after the shower. Very similar to the Nuxe Body oil, slightly thicker and more moisturizing, this is my favourite corporal oil. Again imparts the body with a gorgeous sheen and dresses the skin in the subtle monoi fragrance.

Regrettably, I have only found this brand in Ibiza. Couldn't live without them in a holiday; heartily recommend if you manage to get your hands on it.