Pale denim blues




Siwy denim cutoffs
Levis shirt
Viktor & Rolf "Biker Born" shirt (I'm just missing a bike now)
My nails are Blue Lagoon by Revlon, I love it, it's fantastic. Although, what's up with the invisible glitter that just makes the removal so gritty??

Fragrance: Annick Goutal Eau de Ciel. This is coming back with a vengeance this week, in my scale of likes. I just love it. It's perfect and so understated- is it even sweet? I need to write a proper review of this.

I have a crazy infatuation with pale denim, I've had it for ever. London, unfortunately, doesn't often lend itself to the wear of this shade, it doesn't look right unless it's sunny. Is it sunny? as bright as a cloudy day can be, and it was kind of hot so there you go, that's a good enough excuse. To me, light denim evokes this kind of spirit:


I call it the Versace/Guess girl look. Victoria's Secret did a really good job at imitating it! Or did they do it first? I don't know. But I like it. it's girly and it's hot.