NUXE "Prodigieux Le Parfum" Review


Nuxe "Prodigieux le parfum" (UK link!) (EU link!)

I came across this new-ish perfume in the pharmacy the other day and I couldn't stop myself. I've been using the oil forever and I love the scent; the perfume is everything you would expect it to be. It's beachy, it's frangipani, it's vanilla, it's Summer in a bottle. It's like the oil (and it smells like an oil too) but it lingers for longer. Contrary to most people, I find the perfume to have less lemony green in it, which I miss! But overall it's one of those things where you can't go far wrong. I love these sort of scents.

For those not familiar with the oil, it's hard to describe, it's all Summer but it's clean and not at all heavy or pungeant. A sweet, fresh frangipani with a lemony undertone and a base of vanilla and flowers. It's warm, it's comforting, sweet in a natural way. It doesn't smell "perfumey" and neither does the perfume.

"Nuxe Prodigieux le parfum" includes notes of bergamot, mandarin, gardenia, orange blossom, rose, vanilla, coconut milk, and woods.