Last night was sushi samba night -whatever else to do on a Saturday. It was all very exciting because I love sushi, and I love peruvian, so sushi samba is a perfect perfect place for me. As you can tell I am wearing yet another piece from the Isabel Marant H&M collection, that I found in the returns (when are they gonna stop bringing more stuff in?? i can't take it! It's right next to my gym!)

Damn. Spotify adverts are particularly annoying when you're trying to work over the serenity of Tibetan singing bowls and suddenly BOOM some King of Leon shouting something for the next three minutes.

So anyway this is a chocolate martini, one of my signature cocktails.

nov30 martini

nov30 textsnov30 martini2

iphone POWER!

nov30 iphone power

I was wearing my new indian nose ring (we'll come back to the nose ring in a minute) and here I am having a sake-lemon mixture on my arrival to the restaurant.

nov30 face6nov30 drinks

My friend, oblivious to the theme of the night (ahem- SUSHI NIGHT) ordered a sharing platter of rib-eye steak for three people, and ribs aplenty.

I, sticking to the theme, ordered warm sake.

nov30 samba dinner

My sake was appropriately named after me.

nov30 samba2nov30 samba dinner2nov30 restaurant

"How to sit at the table", by Mary and Diana

nov30 dinnernov30 dinner5nov30 cheesecake

This is what I was wearing, all the Marant stuff you can see, including the skirt which is super flattering, it fits me like a dream.

nov30 marant skirt4 Long-sleeve top: All Saints (similar), Skirt: Isabel Marant H&M, Shoes: Sergio Rossi (similar here, here, here, here and here), Bag: Proenza Schouler, Coat: Joseph, Fishnet tights: Wolford

nov30 ali

OK onto nose ring. I was really inspired the other day in the indian wedding to provide myself some Bollywood nasal jewellery. Not being very fond of holes, I decided to go down the route of faux nose rings, which leads us to this one. This is a nose pin that just holds onto your nose, and it's actually really comfy and doesn't fall. I've only found one website that sells them ( but they're really cool and cheap, I'm really happy with everything I ordered from them. Expect bindis, tikkas, henna tattoo and full on transformation any minute now...I have kind of an obsessive personality. Hey, if it stops me compulsive-buying marant, it was all worth it.

This is me when the post man woke me up to deliver on saturday and I ran to try it on in the bathroom mirror

nov30 wake up3

dec2quotenov30 quote