Prada folding sunglasses
Aquascutum trench (similar) (similar from FCUK)
Fendi bag (gorgeous one in grey and beige)


I wanted to show you some products that I have discovered fairly recently and that are worth talking about. New formulas, modern textures that are lighter, fresher and more now. They are not necessarily new launches, but they are formulas that have started a new era in makeup.

I'll start with a new classic:

(US link) (UK link)

It took me forever to try these because the "statement" price was very offputting for me, it made it look like a novelty brand, which it is not. They are classic yet revolutionary. They offer a good color range of which the nudes and neutrals excel- I'm not crazy about the reds. I like my reds dense and velvety and NARS does it better- The texture and color nuances are similar to a YSL Rouge Pur but much thicker, creamier and moisturizing. I also absolutely love the scent. Like pralines. The case is beaaaaautiful. These are hot.

(US link) (UK link)

Such an elegant product, it feels and looks like nothing yet the coverage is flawless (medium). It also comes in a very portable, small plastic container. Super chic. I've liked this so much I've stopped using whatever else I was usingLiquid foundations have always left my skin a bit rough and dirty but this one feels like a great moisturizer, you can use it everyday and the condition of the skin just improves. Unparalleled performance really. It looks great in both real life and photos.

I am wearing Vitalumiere Aqua in all of these photos.

(US link) (UK link)

Comparable to a good Chanel single, these have become my favourite powder shadows. Buttery, densely pigmented, the matte shades have a glow which I like. And they come in a great set of neutrals. I am a little bit over the powdery flat eye shadow, as for the sheer hit-or-miss shadow...I have no time for it.

Here I am wearing Burberry Pale Barley, a MAC Patina improvement:



Eyeshadow: Burberry Pale Barley
Lipgloss: Stila Amaretto
Blush: Burberry Earthly

Next I'm wearing Burberry Almond eyeshadow. It's a fabulous one for a day smokey:


Eyeshadow: Burberry Almond
Blush: Burberry Earthly
Lips: Tom Ford Pink Dusk lipstick

(US link) (UK link)

I can't praise these enough, they feel sheer but give a great color that's matte but not flat. My daily favourite is Earthly, which I am wearing in all the photos. It's kind of like a rosy bronzer.


Shall we see a before and after of the lipstick?

Lips naked: Show hickeys and pale outlines. Uncomfortable expression. Me. Without lipstick. Does not commute


Lips with Nude Rose: All secrets concealed, and a healthy blush color a la Cara Delevigne.


The Burberry lipsticks are definitely a modern formula too, very thin but with great color payoff like everything else and I do use them. They have fab neutrals. The scent is dated though (pretty much like the Rouge Diors of which I was never a fan), and so I'm compelled not to list them as an exceptional product. Scent kills it for me.

(US link) (UK link)

I was tempted to try these after I was told that my favourite cream eye shadows from Laura Mercier were discontinued. Thanks Laura. Look at the monster you created.

Ellis Faas is one of my favourite people and her line is so so modern. I can see this becoming a bad habit.

This is Creamy Eyes n.106, a beautiful beautiful lilac taupe. Go get it:




I also own a neutral taupe from her that is the best brown

Left: 106 (lilac taupe) Right 107 (taupe) from Liberty UK.

She has more shades, some darker, but these are just great neutrals that you can take from day to night.

They are so waterproof. I'm still sporting the stain of this swatch on my hand (took it on Tuesday. It is now Monday. I have self tanned and exfoliated every day since. The bloody shadow is THERE) My advice: DO NOT put them on your hand. They are annoyingly longlasting. They do come off eyelids quite easily with makeup remover.

Happy Monday xx