jan25 makeup2

Okay so this is what I'm wearing when I work; I've been working a LOT which is incredibly time-consuming. I can only hope to do well and spend the best years of my life traveling the world alone singing to people I'll never see again, unable to have a relationship and getting attacked for everything.

I really didn't think this through.

As for fashion, I may never wear opaque clothing again. Can you believe I sold this top last Summer for like a tenner, and I've had to buy another one...? It's from American Apparel, I like it cause they always have it so should you have a problem with it - such as a sudden urge to sell it- it will always be there waiting for ya. Plus it's stretchy, and it's not silk. Silk is great BUT dry-clean only, and even though it's never happened, I am incredibly paranoid about getting body odour on silk, and then never being able to get it out.

I'm wearing a size XS which runs about the size of a kid's 10 year old. (I actually know this because I can usually fit into a 10. I never got to wear the 12/14. Fact)

So let's have a look at this shall we

jan25 american apparel lace2jan25 sergio rossi bootsjan25 american apparel lace top

And now because you can't see my Sergio Rossi boots properly, and you really must, KICK!

jan25 shoes

jan24 makeup

I want to go into more detail on the makeup, because I really like it. I met my friend Billie today, and she was all over it too. It's fantastic to meet friends who like talking makeup, because I don't know anyone else that does, other than the odd boyfriend who tries to steal my eyeliner.

This face is all about a grey wash. I wanted it to be cool and not very feminine, but still pretty. It's a bit like my "war" face, I don't want anything too girly, I want to be serious, but I want to feel attractive.

So starting with a strong brow (Giorgio Armani eye pencil #3)

The eyes have been lined outside and inside with a mid grey pencil from NARS (from the longwear collection) then smudged cause I don't want any lines, I don't really wanna see it. I love how subtle yet effective the grey is.

A light smokey using the light brown from Chanel's Spring palette Raffinement.

Blush is used as a contour and is Burberry Earthly

Lips are lined and the lipstick is Kate Moss 003, though I also used Tom Ford Blush Nude throughout the day.

Base is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua as usual (#20 this time, but I can wear #30 all the same)

You can add a red lip to this when you need to and it looks fine.

jan25 makeup3