nov19 food plate

This whole diet that I'm in has really got me thinking about food. Studying where it comes from, what we really need and what we don't... Cause you know, food is just a business, but when you stop to think what your body actually needs to be healthy, it's quite different to what the media tells you. Suddenly, you're fine eating some brown rice and steamed salmon. You don't need to have the crisps on the side, the coke, the fish's just not necessary.

I've been eating a sort of detox diet, as raw and fresh as possible, no alcohol, as few refined sugars as possible, as much organic...I say "as much" because let's be realistic, I am not strict 100%, it's impossible. I just had a praline latte (decaf).

I am avoiding meat too, not because I think it's unhealthy per se, but because animals are a tricky one for me. They are treated so badly, and right now I don't want to eat anything that has lived in tortuous conditions, abused and died young of a heart attack. I feel like that's bad energy, and I need a break from it.

I do miss the prospect of baking cookies "tomorrow" now that I can't eat them.

I'm convinced that the concept of healthy food is gonna catch on eventually. It's gonna be a big trend next year, I was chatting about this with Phil yesterday. Just like smoking tobacco was cool, and now it's kind of disgusting, just like anything that is unhealthy and produces illnesses- it gets old, it becomes unappealing.

There's more demand and more on offer: more sushi shops, more healthy fast-food, more fresh raw food supermarkets, more restaurants that offer vegan...The young people of today have been brought up with Food Inc and information that made us aware of how bad things got with industrialization, and we are very much expecting conditions to improve in the production of food. I feel positive about it.