I was raised eating a lot of meat: in Spain, a "proper meal" always involves meat. And while I accepted it because I didn't know any different, it's not a food group I've ever been drawn to. I rarely enjoy red meat (I quite like truffle beef carpaccio, that's about it), and I do eat white meat but I would easily skip it if it wasn't just so readily available. I'm not even crazy about dairy or eggs… I call myself "mostly vegetarian", I like eating a lot of fruit and light, fresh meals. As for how ethical it is to eat animal products- I think this depends on the morality of each person, you have to be true to yourself and consider what YOU believe in. Me- I lean towards not killing/torturing animals for food but I absolutely don't judge people who do. We all come from different places.

My objection to meat is not so much the meat in itself, but the mass-production. I'm firmly against their farming methods, the way the animals live, the way they treat me, those companies are criminals plain and simple, and I don't want to be part of it. That said, even when the farming is wonderful, I have a hard time justifying it because it's not something I would personally do, and so can I really be okay with it? If I had to be farming those animals myself, I probably wouldn't eat them, let's face it. I could fish, and farm a few chickens. But no bigger mammals. That's another thing, I can't put animals all in the same category, I believe that bigger more intelligent animals are more complex souls. I can't compare a sardine to a dolphin, there's a very distinct difference to me. That's just my gut feeling.

My uncle beliefs in eating animals, he hunts regularly, I respect his lifestyle. He values the activity of killing his meat and eating it, he's so grateful for it, and he never wastes any meat, or food for that matter, he holds his prey on the highest pedestal. I think that's so much better than the person who "prefers not to think about it". Shouldn't we all know who we are in this journey, what we believe in, what we want, without even thinking of justifying it to others, but just for our own peace of mind? Otherwise there's all this internal guilt going on.

As for fur, as you know I wear fur- and the same ethic applies: I could farm a mink, they're rats. I wouldn't kill a tiger. That is just me. To me, fur is one of the greatest most useful things in life, and I would give up many things for just one item of fur. I care for it and I treat it with respect, so for me it makes sense. Whereas plastic clothing does not, because plastic is vile for the environment, and kills the most animals of all. That would be my priority- to not contribute to plastic waste.

I'm not attempting to impose my morality on anybody, much less to justify my actions, it's my personal moral code and it's unique to myself, but I'm just offering my view and encouraging you to search for yours. Because everything will make more sense and you'll feel more settled, knowing that you're making an informed decision, and you'll feel stronger when someone attacks you for it, and they will, cause these are controversial subjects. Know what's right for you (at this moment in time). Do your best but don't go crazy because there is no right or wrong in this world. We all have different realities, it's useful to find yours and to be in peace with it.