LFW AW2012 Day 2: What I Wore + Parties


Well good morning. It's SATURDAY in Adventures of Barbarella!






All Saints basic tee
Ralph Lauren long-sleeved top
Equipment vintage mint polka dot shirt
Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Jeans (get them here)
Balenciaga city bag
Acne Cypress boots (UK) (US) (EU) I absolutely love these, they've been a lifesaver. They are so incredibly comfortable, tall, and cool


See "Barbarella", all the same but without the liner.

A perfectly "utility" ensemble. I had three hours sleep and was feeling a little run down, woke up at 8 and jeans/shirt seemed like the only reasonable choice. I wanted to wear stripes, and I also wanted to wear this shirt (you know. pastel green. My new obsession) so I thought, what the hell, it's Fashion Week, let's just pile it all together, and so I did.

The weather has been pleasant. In retrospective, I could have worn so many things, but I've been wanting to cover a lot, and studded heels/ sequined long skirts and hats wouldn't have been the most suitable attire for running around with a camera. I could hardly keep my necklace from getting stuck in the equipment, and my sweater from getting snatched on everybody's handbags (crowded rooms, very crowded).

I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom though, and within the "utility work" parameter, I've gone all out there, all leather, all huge collar, and savoured every moment when nobody stared at me. The Somerset House during LFW is like a bubble, a sanctuary where you can let your style godmother lose and wear anything you own and nobody's gonna judge you. Sure they'll judge your taste, but they won't stare at you for the mere fact of being a little over the top. You step out and it's a parallel universe with everyone trying to catch a glimpse from the sobriety of their grey puffer jackets.

I spent a lot of time in taxis and catwalks. Later I met some friends backstage for Issa, and we all ended up at Momo.

I love Momo

This is Samantha being awesome: