La Sagrada Familia Barcelona by Gaudi


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I can't describe the impression this gives when you step in, I teared up. Which does happen with me and marble, but really, it is shocking how grandiose this monument is- I love cathedrals and i had never been inside of this one. I was convinced it wasn't finished (given that the exterior remains in construction for a few more decades, and that is since they've decided to attempt to finish it at all)!

You'd think it's neo-Gothic and it has that air, but being Gaudí it fits into a different box; and surpasses anything else he's done, too; it has a dignity, a balance, a serenity that I don't see in most of his other work, however genius it might be, it's usually crowded and a little chaotic. It's amazing that it was designed way back in the XIX century, yet has all the organic elements that remind you of 60s architecture, along with all the characteristics of a gothic cathedral structure.

It's a dream come true to see for instance, not just a copy, but a modern interpretation of the Gothic stained glass window, with modern colour combinations and abstract mosaics (the hues of color a lot more beautiful, the gradients a lot more subtle). That is so exciting because it also allowed the architect to play with the new shapes he had created inside, painting them all in these glittering heavenly lights that he had chosen (most definitely on purpose). Did I mention parts of the floor were POLISHED! therefore mirroring these lights even more. It's always an elaborate endeavour to produce a cathedral because of all the unearthliness it must reflect, but the detail in this one is just unbelievable! I encourage anyone in town to go see it.

My architect friends might murder me for these comments! I'm only speaking from a viewer point of view but feel free to contribute


Ramifications of the columns inspired on tree branches




COLOURS!!!!!!!!! who here is over my excitement for glass and stone, put your hand up