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I had a Molton Brown event today; I wanted to go because it's a brand I'm interested in and it's always nice to get more info. I use their shower gels, usually get something around Christmas and they last for EVER. Like literally, still using the products from last Christmas. I like their hand lotions, my friend is a huge fan of the mist...they have really nice, gentle, natural-smelling products. My mom loooves it too so it's a great one for presents.

Some highlights:

nov27 moltonbrown5

After reading so many bad things about companies and production, it was refreshing to learn of one with production in the UK, good principles, no animal testing and great relationships with their workers. YES.

nov27 moltonbrown8

I washed my hands numerous times, as can be expected at such an event.

I also drank a lot of elderflower cocktails, since that is at the moment all I'm allowed to drink.

Really liked this mulberry hand wash, green-ish:

nov27 moltonbrown7

Super impressed with the candles. This one was soo good...myrrh I think:

nov27 moltonbrown6nov27 moltonbrown2

This one was amazing too. Leather I think... I love these sort of smells, a little unusual:

nov27 moltonbrown4

They were telling us about their new fragrances, which I liked. I'm wearing one on my left hand called Iunu right now; it's Myrrh, pepper, clovebud, sandalwood and jasmine...heavy on the myrrh. Did I mention I'm going through an incense stage..? I am.

Another that was a little unusual and that is probably my favourite is the Valbonne, that I am wearing on my other flower, mimosa, rose, orris, vetiver, leather. Really nice one! Really settles on the orris. Interesting but simple, not so grand that it's unwearable like the notes could suggest.

Huge thank you to the Handpicked Media team and everyone at Molton Brown!